Monday, February 22, 2010

SuperSoul Connection

It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, the headlines will always read

CRISIS, TERROR, SCANDAL, ASSASSINATION ....though the media always misses the most important part of these unfortunate circumstances, the courage to overcome and the flowering of a new human consciousness . This new wave of higher thinking might be rare but the people who possess this state are purpose driven and believe the future of humanity lies not in territories and boundaries but in unity.

On the musical fore-front of this 'flowering' is the SuperSoul Connection out of Slovenia, made up of two members RMD (producer, composer and musician) and Dhyan (MC and composer). It is a band with substance, whose aim is to spread a multicultural message of understanding; love, tolerance and peace, presented from a spiritual point of view. Their style is a mixture dub, hip-hop, breakbeat, eastern ethno, electronica and even rock. When all these styles are brought together by the Supersoul their message is powerful. Its know wonder they were on Oprah's Website.


AVATAR - Supersoul Connection

Video Posted on Oprah's Site

Chaiwalla's Favourite ;)



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Thnx. Nice post.

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