Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am a music junkie and all my friends are music junkies, so its difficult to have a conversation at times without everyone running into different musical genres or what they are particularly into at the moment. Though we all do share one common thread and its a mix that has had a viral effect on the digital download community for the past 5 months. Its at the point now, even while shoveling the snow off my driveway that my neighbour is telling me about his new discovery of the “calling dub-step” series. Its infiltrated everyone I know.

Though I have an explanation for this and its simple. The mix series ROCK’s ! and you need to download it. It is the perfect stamp of our time, showcasing the whose who of the underground and overground of good dub-step. The man behind this dubstep mix series is also a compilation album rockstar from compiling the “Budda Bar” to a “begginers guide to”. His name is UMB and you should defiantly check out his generation bass blog.

Chaiwalla’s Boombox also had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. UMB recently to compile a list from A-Z of whats happening and will be using it to launch our monthly podcast series. Its cool beans my friends and will be up soon.

Click here for the “India calling: Dubstep Yaar” DOWNLOAD LINK

For more on DJ UMB and his “calling dub-step” series click here

* a majority of UMB's links on soundcloud have reached max limit for downloads but follow the comment thread and there will be a link to fairtilizer to download*


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