Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The future is here

Can music be forensic evidence to understanding the advancement of the global South Asian Diaspora ? if so, then the Engine-Earz have just ushered us into a new realm of innovation.

My first listen to Kaliyunga by the Engine Earz, felt like I was transported to the year 1310 when the sitar first arrived, the plucking of its strings awakens my soul but the meditative state is quickly broken and thrown into a black hole within the space of 1 min, spitting me out into the year 2020. Its an epic start to a cinematic journey that is accompanied by live guitars, drums and Prashant Mistry in central command, taking you where no man has gone before.

The Engine Earz Experiment is brilliant and we anxiously wait for a full album. They have set the bar very high :)


Kaliyuga - Engine-EarZ Experiment - In shops now! by Engine-EarZ and DJ Luxy



Sukh said...

Sick track!!!

- sukh

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