Monday, February 15, 2010

Disco Warrior

Mr. Ghulam Muhammad is a Pakistani/Kashmiri wrestler and the only wrestler in history who is undefeated. He has been billed as the greatest Pehlwani wrestler in history and this isn't some folk tale. He’s destroyed European wrestlers within minutes including the great Stanislaus Zbyszko, who is the most influential European grappler of all-time. Muhammad thew Zbyszko down in 42 seconds. Lets not forget he is also the inspiration behind the character in Street Fighter EX ‘Darun Mister’.

Mr. Ghulam Muhammed is the inspiration behind todays ‘Disco Warrior’ track and no relation except warrior being in the title of the track

The Kalyan Disco Warrior EP was released in 2007 with four versions of this infectious dance floor smasher, it's worthy to be in every DJ's collection.


Kalyan-Disco Warrior (House Mix)


Kalyan Disco Warrior EP


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