Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can't help it that I AM ADDICTING!

SXSW 2009

From Harlem, New York this is Charles Hamilton and this is what hes thinks about sampling music.

" When I sample, I'm not just doing it to sound good. I'm trying to tell a story. To convey an emotion. If I sampled it, there is a reason I sampled it. I believe that music is based on moments, and that there are some moments that people may have missed back in the day. They may have even missed it a year ago. When I sample, I'm giving the artist their respect, while simultaneously creating something new."

Hamilton is just the rough and arrogant MC you have been looking for and his track "Air Again" is addicting. The bhangra samples is what caught our ears and they tell a story of an MC who would care less and is very sure of his opinions. What better way to musically say "I am the shit" then with some punjabi folk.



*credits go out to ZORDAN for bringing CH to our attention*


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