Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bhangra @ the Brooklyn Museum

Since the launch of Dj Rekha's legendary Basement Bhangra night in 1997, it has helped popularize the genre into the NYC club scene. Rekha is relentless in her pursuit to share the energy and intensity of her acclaimed night and is even infiltrating the museum world of Brooklyn, leaving spectators twisting light bulbs and jumping with joy.



*Photo credits goto the talented Gulshan Kirat for capturing the life of the evening*


gulshan said...

those are some really great pictures of rekha and dave sharma! i have some identical shots on my flickr account: flickr.com/photos/gulshan/sets/72157600183937753/

asking first would have been nice...

Chaiwallas said...

We love your work :) especially your "Miscellaneous" collection and the post on 1/16/10 of the EXIT sign is wicked. For todays post the web was dry for inspiration until we found you.

Our apologies for offending you.

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