Sunday, February 28, 2010


With the British elections in June and the Conservatives in lead pushing a massive attack against the nations deficit, a proposal has been leaked by TIMES that the BBC will make cuts worth 600 Million Pounds, which would include the axing of the Asian Network and 6Music. Politics aside, with the TIMES being owned by Mr. Murdoch who is in direct competition with the BBC and the ever arrogant minds associated with the Conservatives. This is completely against the BBC mandate to cater to all tax payers who make the BBC happen.

South Asian programming on the BBC started in 1968 with Nai Zindagi Naya Jeevan

and since then has blossomed into a cultural hub, where the globes South Asian Diaspora can turn to for opinions on issues facing them in the western world and more importantly the evolution of the modern South Asian culture itself. The Asian Network is a 42 year old momentum that faces extinction and if it is lost, alot of history will go with it. Not to mention alot of artists would have to rely on touring and gigs for money but how can they gig when promoters havnt heard of them since the BBC is gone ?

Either way, this can not happen and we at ChaiWallas BOOMBOX stand by the Asian Network and pledge to our readers to join the movement

Sign the petition here


Mark Thompson Director General of BBC

please offer a professional opinion as to why South Asian Culture matters.

Represent the different nations, regions and communities to the rest of
the UK.
(ii): Cater for the different nation...s,
regions and communities of the UK.
(iii): Bring people together for
shared experiences.
(iv): Encourage interest in, and conversation
about local communities.
(v): Reflect the different religious and
other beliefs in the UK.(vi): Provide output in minority languages.

Remember the Asian Network could be the perfect bridge between Britain and the next Future Superpower India for Commerce and Education.



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