Friday, April 16, 2010

Valentine Curve is my Marilyn Monroe

If you could musically express the emotions of seeing Marilyn Monroe walk into a room, with a sari on, its “Valentine Curve” by Superswamis. You see and hear Monroe coming down the hall and look back in disbelief, forcing yourself to pierce through the hallway, only to find out your hallucination is true, she's wearing a sari and "holy shit this is surreal". Comparable to that twist in your gut right before taking off from a plane.

Like Monroe slowly coming to you, Valentine Curve starts in the same manner. With a faint and classy, raising and fading voice, reverberating inside your brain until its cinematic and lush images hit you in the face and instantly the room starts to spin and Marilyn Monroe is wearing a sari. A groovy paradise is Valentine Curve.


Valentine Curve by SuperSwamis


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