Monday, April 26, 2010


Just as various music evokes different emotions, languages exhibit a similar trait. Some words express so much emotion that a direct translation in English does not do "Mohabbat" justice. Yes, essentially the word means "I love you" but its more then that, and truthfully I can't explain it either. Though the picture above is my best attempt at "Mohabbat" . This is John Lennon embracing Yoko Ono, and ironically his last display of such beautiful emotion, as he was murdered hours later.

Now let the word "Mohabbat" soak into your being and press play because your going to hear love and dubstep sewn together, like never before.

This is Rup Sidhu and he is
"Absolutely Mind-Blowing"


Mohabbat OverDub Ozone by Rup Sidhu


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