Monday, April 5, 2010

KaZantip Bhangra

With summer fast approaching and massive festivals all across the globe in preparation for roaring party-goers, one festival sticks out as the black sheep of them all. Its the Kazantip festival, which was originally held at an abandoned nuclear reactor near the black sea but since then has moved to the Crimean town of Popivka. Each year 150,000 paradiZers come to the town to see 300 DJ's, dance for 21 hours a day and party for one month. The main inhabitants of this festival are the eastern european mafia and lots of hot young here for the documentary on kazantip.

Now if Chaiwallas Boombox were a tech-house outfit and were to spin @ Kazantip I would defiantly be dropping this tune by Stefano Noferini. The fresh northern punjabi chants and heavy bass will make all those mobsters in their speedos wanna get down and say "Hoi Hoi" "Shava oh Shava"


Stefano Noferini- Burujava


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