Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blouse Arouse

Blouse Arouse by Nucleya is an out of this world remake of “Choli Ke Peecha”(Whats behind that Blouse), from the classic 90‘s Bollywood film “Khalnayak

The lyrics of this track stirred controversy when the film was initially released and since then it has become a cult classic. Though in 2010, what once aroused us by its suggestive lyrics has turned into a series of sound explosions by Nucleya. Once you press play on this beast you will suffer minor hearing impairment. Though this “Soundwave Bomb” is more sophisticated then just blowing you away at once, it comes in three stages. The first explosion is when you press play and it breaks you into tiny pieces of flesh, the second explosion in 2 minutes will turn your matter into gas and the final explosion in 3 1/2 minutes will vaporize you.

So go ahead, get aroused and press play.

Blouse Arouse - Nucleya. by Nucleya


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