Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Retro Bikini Wearing Bollywood Spies

I think its time the scripting in Bollywood step it up a bit. New age Asian music defiantly is out of this world, so finding the perfect score isn't very tough but for goodness sake! Can we get a sexy international espionage thriller with some foxy lead ladies in retro bikinis ? Is this too much to ask for ? I have the opening musical score if you want some inspiration :)

The opening scene would have to be shot on the Versova beach in Bombay. Its midnight and a massive fishing vessel approaches the shore, its filled with smugglers and heroin. Its the perfect job for our Bollywood bikini spies, who watch the smugglers as they enter the port, ready to intercept and kill but for this scene bikinis are not practical we need scuba gear. The smugglers begin to laugh, dance and celebrate while unloading crates of heroin but its not before long that the bikini spies storm the ship, shoot every smuggler and disappear into the night.

This is when the James Bond style opener starts and you hear this tune by Anjali titled 'Seven x Eight', a sultry 60's spy entrance with waves of Surf Rock and Sitar.


SEVEN x EIGHT by Anjali


Krish said...

just to say that love your blog..

BadShah Akbar said...

Thank you Krish, your comment made our day :)

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