Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sitarfire daydream

A midnight walk down the beach, on a full moon night to David Starfire tune “sitarfire” is the cure to my afternoon spent in a cubicle. I daydream being transported to the beaches of goa with the ocean singing a calming note, giving me the peace equal to 10 yogis meditating. The first 15 secs of “sitarfire” are mystical and the perfect start to the full moon party I will imaginably attend once the bass kicks in. Brass band elements and fire dancers celebrate as the thumping of tens of thousands humans sends me whirling like a sufi dervish.

David Starfires next full moon set, January 30th, Los Angeles, California


Anonymous said...

beautiful sound, fantastic picture and mesmerizing daydream!!! It's a wonder you made it back to your cubicle!! :-)))

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