Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Sex Patels

Rewind to July, 2001 and the far right, white-only, British National Front decides to spread a rumor that they will be interrupting the annual ethnic festivals of Bradford by marching down its streets. Word spreads like wild fire and police hold town hall conferences with Asian members of the community advising the cancelation of festivities for security. Animosity and resentment builds and hundreds of Asian youth gather to protest the arrival of the National Front only to be met with riot police whose presence aggravates the crowd into a hostile mob.

Sympathetic British National front members end up taking to the local pubs and when innocent pedestrians of Asian decent pass by they are brutally lynched and sent to the hospital. Then retribution for the fallen brother and the cycle of violence begins.

The end result, victims left bleeding and millions of dollars in damage. The number of convictions handed out was unprecedented in English Legal History with a total of 604 years of jail time handed to 187 people.

Though something amazing happened out these race riots. A band was born !

“The sex patels” is what they are called, making funky iconoclastic music and covering classics...with a spicy, sitar drenched twist.

I hope you enjoy these punk and world music vibes as much as we do.






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