Monday, January 25, 2010

Michael Jackson still lives

Michael Jackson was more of a fixed object for me; he would never leave!

Just when you thought Michael was gone, someone completely inspired by him would surface at a south asian wedding and do an MJ impersonation. His presence when I look back is never ending, from the time I could stand on my own two feet, it was Thriller that made me move and then “Black and White” helped in understanding race issues as a first generation Canadian. The Earth song was the theme to our rain forest project in grade school and “You Rock my World” came exactly when women started doing just that.

Today is exactly 7 months since the legendary King of Pop passed away and so many magical tributes keep surfacing.

This is what happens when the suburbs of Ontario, Canada get down to Billie Jean. Superstar DJ A.P.S puts on his star-studded gloves and works the wheels of steel with this great remix.


Scorzayzee from the UK takes his street smart lyrics to the sample of MJ’s “They don't care about us”. Absolutely sick !


Mayur of Bandish Projekt, pays tribute to Michael Jackson with his take on Earth Song. In the west we take for granted how easily we can access MJ's material but in India it used to be a different story, you had to dig. Then Mayur had saved up every penny to get the "HISTORY" album only to have it stolen. This is a tribute from a fan who had to fight to listen to MJ's music.


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