Tuesday, May 4, 2010

'Planet Electric' Released Today !

If you have never experienced Delhi 2 Dublin live then this summer might be your chance. The touring road warriors from Vancouver, Canada, just released their 3rd EP 'Planet Electric' and with it comes a very ambitious tour schedule.

"Planet Electric sparkles like a disco ball suspended over the Ganges River"

...and its true, my first listen to 'Planet Electric' was similar to being catapulted into space with the track 'Master Crowley' and just when you think you couldn't possibly get anymore excited, your travelling warp speed with another 12 tracks to finally land in Planet Electric where outer-national sounds of Celtic, Bhangra, Dub and Electronica come together harmoniously.

Here is a free download courtesy of DELHI 2 DUBLIN


Soni said...
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Soni said...

Nice track! The essential soul has made me hit repeat 3 times...

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