Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tonights Breaking News 'Sitar-Dubstep'

Good Evening and Tonights 'breaking news'

Houston, Texas is where
Tha Chintu has his secret music laboratory and in it he experiments with endless Asian inspired samples. This time he has taken samples of India's national broadcaster 'Doordarshan' and its nightly news segments into a sitar-dubstep top story.

When hearing this track its probably the reality of most Asian households today with 3 siblings. The 6PM Asian news is playing in the kitchen , while little sister is taking sitar lessons in the living room. Big brother is upstairs streaming the newest dubstep tune and the youngest sibling is playing with his toy cars in the hallway, completely vibing out to all the sounds. Sitars plucking, dubstep blaring and odd samples of the 6pm Asian news. This is the youngest siblings version of tomorrows music, this is whats going on inside his head.

Tha Chintu - Doordarshan by ThaChintu


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