Monday, March 8, 2010

The Kominas and Princess Hijab

What does a Punk Band from Boston and a Graffiti Artist from Paris have in common ?
The courage to speak their minds

Now lets take step back for a moment and not think about the headlines associated with the Kominas and Princess Hijab which are Islamic, Muslim and Hijab. All we need to focus on is the Art and Music. If your hearing of either artist for the first time you'll be able to judge the work instead of associating it with the artists religion.

So, what do you see and hear ?
Could the photo above of Princess Hijabs graffiti work be telling us that consumerism brings out the worst of human traits like lust, gluttony and greed; therefore we should put restrictions on how corporations use sex to sell products ? Well thats what I see, what do you see ?

Below are audio streams of the Kominas and they show us what elements of Qawwali and Punk sound like when fused together. The rising of voices trying to reach the heights of heaven with sharp politically charged lyrics of Punk is what the Kominas are all about. These scoundrels have come to existence from the natural world that surrounds them. Part Pakistani, Part American they use Urdu and English together or code-switching in their lyrics and the message is profound and entertaining at the same time. The Kominas show us that one can embrace tradition, be progressive and still deliver a message of change. I think its too "Colonialist" to call them muslim punk rockers and rather they should fall into the category of Punk Qawwali.

So without any further adieu, here are the Kominas !


'TUN' by the Kominas


POOJA by the Kominas



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