Friday, March 5, 2010

Erotic Terrorism

My favourite past time is hanging out at locally owned record shops and digging. Its where I find some amazing gems like this record by Fun-Da-Mental titled "Erotic Terrorism". Even though it was released in the pre-9/11 world of 1998, I found the record in 2005 and the title and Bollywood imagery were all so wrong, that I had buy it. As soon as I pressed play, everything was so familiar yet so new with samples of Qawwali to Moroccan drums to some hard-core industrial noise.

There is also a huge presence of resistance in the work of Fun-Da-Mental, especially since founder Aki Qureshi's mother was one of the leading activists for Benazir Bhutto's Pakistan Peoples Party.

Recently while digging though the archive of my radio station I found a track from the 'Erotic Terrorism' album remixed by Transglobal Underground called the 'Karachi Deathcult Mix' and just had to post this.


Ja Shaa Taan (Transglobal Underground Karachi Deathcult Mix)



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