Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Canadian Indo-Jazz Fusion

His name is Ed Hanley and he began his tabla (north Indian classical percussion) training in Toronto, Canada with Ritesh Das, and has studied with master drummers Swapan Chaudhuri in California and Anindo Chatterjee in Calcutta, India.

Ed's interests span from Karnatic(south indian) vocal percussion and drumming traditions to conducting Bharatanatyam (classical indian dance). Ed has performed across Canada, and in the USA, Europe and India in a variety of world, jazz and classical settings

We at chaiwallas were caught off gaurd by this brilliant composition he did for a modern dance group titled "Tata Blablabla", without a question it will get your foot tapping and your head shaking.

"Then Hanley transformed song to spectacle with a brain-liquifying tabla solo, an onslaught of percussive sixteenth notes and syncopated shifts hammered out by his wrists and fingers with such precision that… well, you really had to be there.

Let's just say that as Hanley's beat went on, the man on my left purred like a cat savouring a sumptuous can of tuna."
-NOW Magazine

Tata Blablabla edit by Talawallah


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