Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bombay Gin and Tonic

Wheres coolest place to have a Gin and Tonic in Mumbai ?

The Blue frog of course, which opened in 2008. It's a 1,000-square-meter complex that includes a club, restaurant, lounge, sound stage, recording studio and sound lab, all encased within the massive walls of an old warehouse in Mumbai's mill district. The Blue Frog Club interior may remind you of those delirious nights at the end-of-summer Exhibition with its midway games, roller coasters and dizzy-making rides. Or you may suddenly start channeling Queen Amidala, addressing the StarWarsian Senate from her floating pod. Luckily, Blue Frog does its dizzying job in a way that is totally stylish - not a tacky thing or overdone costume in sight. And everyone's table is definitely on level ground, although it does not appear so first.

East Londons Triple H Productions also happened to make a track titled “Indian Tonic”


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